PEACE by the Luminaries

At a time when people are looking for a different kind of hope in the world, the Luminaries have chosen to come together to be the example of those who find hope in themselves. "Peace Worldwide Starts From Inside." brought these 10 rare individuals together to promote peace and exemplify what it means to walk in that light.
Just this summer, on July 29th, the Luminaries began recording their first single "Peace".The plan was to submit it to the Elevate Film Festival by the mid August deadline. That very same day,while still in the recording studio, an earthquake measuring 5.4 rocked Los Angeles. The group took this as a sign of good fortune and a metaphor for peace: from chaos comes creation,so the saying goes.

The next day the Luminaries had a photo shoot in Malibu, CA. It meant a one and a half mile hike to the location. As the group headed out on the walk Elevate Films called:They wanted to make a video.Unexpectedly they found themselves invited to the festival before they had officially submitted work. The video was shot in a day on September 25th, edited within two days, and premiered at the Nokia Theater in Los Angles in front of 6,000 people. The video won best editing and is currently in the process of being released in all the major media outlets worldwide.

Luminaries are on a mission for Peace, and through the efforts of conscious supporters, wish to share their gifts with the world.


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